(Italiano) Iniziativa di collaborazione tra il cluster marittimo croato e quello del Friuli Venezia Giulia

The innovation challenge is the first initiative arising from the collaboration of the Italian Maritime Technology Cluster of Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Croatian Maritime Industry Competitiveness Cluster.

The aim of the initiative, is to enhance the development of innovative ideas related to real needs of the territories through the involvement of strategic players like big enterprises, SMEs and research actors.

Objectives of the initiative, launched in 2016, was the encouragement of new ideas, stimulate an answer to innovation needs expressed by the main maritime industries, involve SMes and research players in order to provide tailored technological ideas and enhance collaboration within maritime actors of the two counties.

The initiative was structurd into 4 steps: identification of innovation needs and priorities of big companies; call for ideas for SMEs and research players; evaluation of the ideas by the big companies and the final search for further development opportunities for the selected ideas.

The call collected 32 proposals referring to macro-area themes  connected to maritime technologies:  onboard collision warning systems, remote maintenance, stability estimates, virtual reality and 3D scan.