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(Italiano) Joint Master on Maritime Robotics in Blue Economy

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(Italiano) Gennaio 2023
(Italiano) 9 mesi
(Italiano) 1.178.019 euro €

(Italiano) mareFVG is part of the project “MARBLE – Joint Master on Maritime Robotics in Blue Economy“, funded under Interreg ADRION.

The main goal of the MARBLE project is to establish an international network of universities, research organizations, business clusters, and a digital innovation hub, to raise competences and skills in maritime robotics application in the domain of blue economy by supporting the preparation of an innovative joint master programme “MARBLE – Maritime Robotics in Blue Economy.   

Strong support by industry related to the blue economy is expressed through several letters of interest that have been obtained by companies who are interested in contributing to the Joint Master Programme in the form of hosting internships, providing mentorship to students, and giving lectures related to their field of expertise.

The MARBLE project brings together 8 partners from 5 European Country: University of Zagreb – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (Croatia), University of Trieste (Italy), National Technical University of Athens (Greece), University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Bosnia and Herzegovina), University of Montenegro (Montenegro), National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (Italy) and the Digital Innovation Hub, Agrifood (Croatia). 

Objectives of MARBLE are:

  1. to establish a network of academic and business partners working together on maritime robotics skills enhancement and capacity building in blue economy;
  2. to contribute to fostering of knowledge and skills on sustainable blue economy in the Adriatic-Ionian Area and enhancing the importance of education and of innovative approaches based on new technologies.
  3. to prepare and deliver the documentation required for a joint Master’s programme on maritime robotics in blue economy.