Technical eventsThe investment process and the selection of the business opportunities

Webinar for SMEs (English language). 05/02/2020

The webinar will cover several items, with particular focus on risk capital investment activity: the investors operational strategy and methodology, how investors evaluate a business proposal and the steps of the investment process with the aim of offering in-depth insight about their best practices. A specific focus will be provided on SMEs toolkit to present the business idea to investors: business plan & financials figures, business model canvas, executive summary form and elevator pitch.

Finally, the webinar will give useful recomendations to structure a deal, to manage a negotiation process, to understand the importance of exit routes and exit checklist.

Andrea Odille Bosio – Associazione IBAN, Italian Business Angel Network, Ph. D. student at LIUC University Cattaneo, currently researching the field of Corporate Finance

Giovanni Fusaro – Ufficio Studi e Ricerche AIFI, Italian Association Private Equity, Venture Capital and Provate Debt. LUIC Uiniversity Cattaneo, Contract Professors of Economics, Management and Financial Management of enterprises.

The webinar is organized in the framework of the Cluster ACT project, funded by the EASME EMFF and tailored to support investments in the maritime sector in the Mediterranean.