Maritime Technologies aggregation actor in Friuli Venezia Giulia region, reference point for enterprises, universities, research centers, training institutions, who aim at being more competitive, together.
bring the maritime technologies territorial system to be a primary actor for competitive growth in national, European and international processes



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DURING 2015 - 2024
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We build connections among local and extra regional expertise, enhancing opportunities for collaboration, mutual growth and facilitating the matching between demand and offer of innovation.


We support the Blue Economy actors in designing innovation projects, with project management and diffusion and dissemination of research results.


We organize vocational activities to promote maritime jobs and technology and management-related events and workshops; we support the design and implementation of professional master courses at university level and advanced training courses for workers and teachers.


We analyze the maritime territorial framework starting from the innovation attitude of the enterprises, the occupational and training needs; we provide matching and incoming activities for the extra regional businesses, interested to get in contact with the potentiality of our territory.

Our target

pubblica amministrazione

Public administration

We perform activities to support the implementation of cultural, industrial and research policies.


We support the growth of innovation and human capital
enti di ricerca

Research Centers

We stimulate the encounter between researchers and innovators, supporting technology transfer actions


we create opportunities for students to access information and details about main technologies and blue related opportunities

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