Developing innovative technologies for sustainability of Adriatic Sea

InnovaMare project will jointly develop and establish an innovation ecosystem model in the area of underwater robotics and sensors for purposes of monitoring and surveillance sector with a mission-oriented on the sustainability of the Adriatic Sea.

The main purpose of InnovaMare the project is to bring cross-border collaboration between science and private sector on a higher level and to facilitate the involvement of SMEs in international networks for research as a way of adding value to SMEs in area of internationalization and technology transfer having in mind all inputs from all stakeholders involved within the project.

InnovaMare strategic project will tackle one of the main change – increasing the effectiveness of the innovation activities in the relevant fields of the blue economy – by enhancing the transfer of knowledge within the cooperation area between the enterprises, R&D centers, higher education and the public sector through education and capacity building programs for different stakeholder.

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July 1st, 2020
30 months
5,6 milions euro


Through very good communication and coordination of all partners during all the 104 project activities, including interviews, training sessions, conferences, roadshows, round tables, workshops, study trips, pilot actions. As a result of these activities, this project will have several main outputs, here are few:

  • established DIH (Digital Innovation Hub) for innovative underwater robotics and sensors and living lab in the Adriatic Sea;
  • developed strategy and Action plan for the enhancement of framework conditions for raising collaboration and networking in the field of robotics and sensors for further steps in public policies based on the quadruple helix approach;
  • policy recommendations.



The project addresses all the stakeholders involved in the theme of sustainability of the Adriatic Sea:

    • General public (researchers, entrepreneurs, students, citizens)
    • Local, regional and national public authorities
    • Regional and local development agencies, chambers of commerce and other BSI
    • SMEs
    • Universities, technology transfer institutions, research institutions
    • Centers of Research excellence
    • NGOs, associations, innovation agencies, business incubators, cluster management bodies, and networks.



The main legacy after the implementation of a project InnovaMare will be MAiROS – the main platform for the development of solutions for monitoring and prediction of pollution of the Adriatic Sea.

MAiROS will be ready to connect to the Pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and in this way bring opportunities for connection on the European level for all involved stakeholders from the cross-border level. It will be the central place for networking and exchange of experiences and knowledge from all relevant stakeholders.

The project is part of the Interreg Italy – Croatia CBC Programme, the European Union financial instrument supporting the cooperation among the two European Members States territories overlooking the Adriatic sea. With 236,8 M € of total budget, the Programme enables regional and local stakeholders to exchange knowledge and experiences, to develop and implement pilot action products and services, to support investments by creation of new business models, to test the feasibility of new policies, having as the final aim the improvement of the life quality and conditions of more than 12,4 M citizens living in the Area.

The project InnovaMare as a part of Interreg Italy-Croatia is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.