Ship & Yacht Advanced Technology for leisure vessels and ports solutions

SYAT – Ship&Yacht Advanced Technology is a showcase of innovative maritime technology for passengers mobility with application on vessel (leisure, cruise, ferry) and/or infrastructures (commercial ports and marinas) organized by the Maritime Technology Cluster FVG and ARIES, in house society of the Chamber of Commerce Venezia Giulia.

SYAT aims at fostering the growth of the maritime technologies sectors by offering to innovative SMEs visibility and matching opportunities with international counterparts and key players, such as ports, shipyards and marinas, that could find in the showedcased innovative solutions valuable answers to their needs.

The first edition of SYAT, organized in 2017 at the Mu.Ca. of Monfalcone (Gorizia – Italy), was based in two important moments: pitch presentation of innovative solutions and the Matchmaking B2B brokerage event. An opportunity for SMEs to present their innovative solutions and a chance for international platers to discover new solutions.

SYAT 2018 took place at the Regional Congress Palace of Grado (Gorizia – Italy) and was implemented giving the chance to research groups to participate at the pitch presentation and present their prototypes. Moreover, six technical workshops were included, with the aim to deepen innovative topics of maritime sectors.

SYAT 2019 was organized at the Regional Congress Palace of Grado (Gorizia – Italy). The third edition was characterized by pitch presentation of new products or prototype, workshops focused on technology and management topics, a brokerage event organized by the Enterprise Europe Network with one-to-one meetings, and an exhibition area.