Eventi tecniciEmerging technologies for safety at sea

An event dedicated to introduce risk analysis, reliability, safety modelled by emerging technologies in computational science and engineering, like automatic learning, focused also on recent development in design for safety in naval engineering with a special interest on cruise ships construction.

Welcome speech: Stefano Ruffo, SISSA Director;

Enrico Zio, Professor at Politecnico di Milano and ParisTech, expert in reliability engineering and quantitative risk;

Andrea Marchese, CETENA, Fincantieri Group, Innovation and Special Project coordinator.

A final round-table from researchers involved in the project POR-FESR “SAFE”, financed by Regione FVG and coordinated by Maritime Technology Cluser FVG:

Martina Teruzzi, SISSA

Nicola Demo, SISSA

Sara Ceschia, University of Udine

Francesco De Giorgi for ARKItech.it s.rl.l

Chairman: Gianluigi Rozza, SISSA, Professor in Numerical Analysis and Scientific computing, Director’s delegate for Innovation and Valorisation