Eventi tecniciThe role and importance of Angel Investor and Venture Capital for SMEs

30th January, 2020 – Webinar

One of the major challenge confronting SMEs (which make up for 98% of enterprises in Europe) is getting access to financial resources, particularly at their seed, start-up and growth phases – not least as they are often considered as a high risk investment, with potentially low returns which only materialize in the medium to long term.

Te webinar will highlight how is important to explain the different criteria that any enterpreneur or start-upper or his company need to have in order to get funds from Business Angels and Venture Capital players.

Paolo Anselmo – Associazione IBAN, Italian Business Angel Networks. Executive Professional, Accredited Innovation Manager, SMEs Business Coach & Advisor

Giovanni Fusaro – Ufficio Studi e Ricerche AIFI, Italian Association Provate Equity, Venture Capital e Private Debt. Luic Cattaneo University, Contract Prpfessor of Economics and Management and Financing of Enterprses.

The webinar is organized in the framework of the Custer ACT project, funded by the EASME EMFF and tailored to support investments in the maritime sector in the Mediterranean.


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