Webinar. The role and importance of Angel Investor and Venture Capital for SME

30 gennaio 2020, 16:00-17:00

Webinar for SMEs (English language)

One of the major challenge confronting SMEs (which make up for 98% of enterprises in Europe) is getting access to finanzial resources, particularly at their seed, start-up and growth phases – not least as they are often considered as a high risk investment, with potentially low returns which only materialize in the medium to long term.

The webinar will highlight how i is important to explain the different criteria that any enterpreneur or start-uper or his company need to have in order to get funds from Business Angels andd Venture Capital players.

Paolo Anselmo – Associazione IBAN, Italian Business Angel Networks. Executive Professional, Accredited Innovation Manager, SMEs Business Coach & Advisor

Giovanni Fusaro – Ufficio Studi e Ricerche AIFI, Italian Association Provate Equity, Venture Capital e Private Debt. Luic Cattaneo University, Contract Prpfessor of Economics and Management and Financing of Enterproses.

Registration link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/9019917709857137164

The webinar is organized in the framework of the Custer ACT project, funded by the EASME EMFF and tailored to support investments in the maritime sector in the Mediterranean.